There has been a lot of back-and-forth over the past couple of months between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Democrats are pretty confident in their ability to win the US Election 2020, while Republicans affirm that Trump is going to be re-elected. In the following paragraphs, we'll give you all the information you need to know about the election, such as the predictions and odds about who's going to win.

No one truly knows what's about to happen after the voting closes. November 3rd is going to be one of the most important moments in modern history and the Covid-19 pandemic only puts more weight into American's shoulders ahead of the election.

Early voters have broken all kinds of records in terms of participation, presumably mostly in favor of Joe Biden. Trump supporters, on the other hand, have flooded the streets to voice their support for the POTUS while showing no fear of contracting the virus.

However, even in an unpredictable and unprecedented context like this one, oddsmakers, analysts, and poll companies have a somewhat clear picture of what's about to happen once all votes are counted.

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden: Predictions and Odds for the US Election 2020

Apparently, oddsmakers believe that Joe Biden is going to beat Donald Trump in the upcoming election. As of the time this article is being writen, the Democrat candidate has -375 odds of winning, while Donald Trump has +275

Donald Trump +275
Joe Biden -375

* Odds via Bet365

Statistically, that means that Joe Biden has 75% chance of winning the election, while Donald Trump has only 34%. However, 67% of bettors are reportedly backing up the Republican candidate since last Friday.

As of today, someone who bets $100 on Donald Trump to win the election would get $375 in return, but if you were to lean towards Joe Biden, you'd have to bet $375 to get those additional $100.

Also, it's worth noting that legal wagers about the election aren't allowed in the U.S, although DraftKings & FanDuel have launched free contests, such as a $100,000 pool and a 'Bet The Ballot' initiative with multiple prop bets.