A poor cat was in serious trouble during the Miami Hurricanes vs. Appalachian State game, but luckily for the cat the stadium was full of fans worried about saving him. The gaze of the fans was diverted for a few minutes to the upper deck of the Hard Rock Stadium where the cat was hanging desperately.

Some fans of the upper deck ran to look for two policemen who were nearby to try to help the cat, but the policemen did not have any tools and the poor cat could barely hold on to the plastic that covers the facade of the upper deck.


Video of the Miami Hurricanes fans saving a falling cat with an American flag

In the video it is clear that no one can reach the cat while it hangs from the upper deck at Hard Rock Stadium, but at the low level three fans teamed up and used an American flag to catch the falling cat. Those fans told the press that they always carry a flag to the Miami Hurricanes games.

In this video on twitter, originally recorded by @Yiannithemvp, it is possible to clearly see when the cat spends its last seconds of its ninth life hanging on the upper deck before falling to the lowest level.

From this other angle, fans can be seen as they catch the cat with the American flag at the Hard Rock Stadium. The flag was small, but the fans positioned themselves just below the cat to catch it.