It’s never a dull day in the life of Wanda Nara Icardi, from promoting products on Instagram to doing fast food ads in Argentina to traveling to Italy to testify in court over a false rumor, life is a rollercoaster ride for Wanda Nara. Six months removed from her “love triangle” between herself, her husband PSG striker Mauro Icardi, and María Eugenia Suárez, old wounds have resurfaced.

In 2019 infamous Italian media personality Fabrizio Corona began circulating a story that Wanda Icardi had an affair with Marcelo Brozovic when her husband was playing at Inter Milan. According to Wanda Nara Icardi, it was said accusations that led to her husband having issues at the club and also between herself and her husband. Wanda Icardi flat-out denied the rumors of infidelity saying in court under oath, “I never had a relationship with Marcelo Brozovic.”

Wanda Icardi’s sister Zaira Nara sued Corona for defamation of character at the time, but the case was reopened recently because Brozovic has also come out and claimed he was tarnished by the incident.

Wanda Nara in court over alleged cheating scandal at Inter Milan

Fabrizio Corona published the details of the supposed affair on his website and even uploaded a fake WhatsApp audio which was supposed to be Wanda Nara Icardi speaking about the affair.

Upon leaving court Icardi stopped to talk to the press, "We are a traditional family and this story caused us problems, both within the family and outside. My children went to school, and they were bullied, it caused problems for my husband and for me, seeing as I am his agent. Nothing in the story is true… That story started all the problems and Mauro was forced to change clubs. Inter really made this situation weigh on him.”

Icardi continued, "(Inter Milan) told him he had to move on, he had to change agent, they took away the captain’s armband and I don’t think it was due to his performances on the pitch… This whole thing caused huge issues with the club and directors.”

Fabrizio Corona was found guilty in 2015 for the extortion of various female entertainment and sports personalities and was sentenced to a 13 years and 2 months prison sentence.

For Wanda Icardi it is the continuation of episodes which involve her family and personal life, her husband Mauro Icardi is coming off of a disappointed season at PSG and is reportedly one of the players the club is willing to let go of.