All is not forgiven it seems for Mauro Icardi as once again Wanda Nara is angry at the PSG forward after finding what gossip reporters are claiming to be explicit material sent by María Eugenia Suárez to Icardi and fellow members of the Argentine national team.

After a difficult two weeks personally for Mauro Icardi things have gotten even worse. Everything started when Wanda Nara, Icardi’s agent and wife, found text messages written by Argentine actress María Eugenia Suárez to her husband. The messages insinuated that Suárez wanted to see Icardi in person despite claims that she believed Icardi to be separated from Nara.

This led to a wild week which saw Icardi unfollow everyone except Wanda Nara on Instagram and later be “forgiven” after sending his wife a letter. Now all has taken a turn for the worse.



China Suárez sent explicit material to Mauro Icardi

According to gossip journalist Yanina Latorre, María Eugenia Suárez apparently sent Icardi and other fellow Argentine national team players videos of a sexual nature. Since this news broke, Mauro Icardi has closed his Instagram account. Latorre stated, "Wanda Nara swears to me that it was because China wrote to him (Icardi) again,"

While no details have been given in regard to the video, Latorre stated that the video was sent not only to Icardi but four other Argentine national team players who play in Europe.

It is being reported that Wanda Nara has separated from Mauro Icardi and that she is currently in Milan, Italy. She is working in Italy and wants to be alone at the moment.