Taika Waititi, who has recently been in the news for his marriage to singer and actress Rita Ora, is one of the most relevant figures in the Hollywood film industry and Marvel Studios, especially after his success with Thor: Love and Thunder.

He occupied many roles in the world of show business. He began his career as a comedian in New Zealand, where he made some comedy cuts, which soon attracted the attention of the studios. In the 2000s he began acting and by 2014 he had already made his first work as a director in What We Do in the Shadows.

He is a director, writer, actor, producer and screenwriter. Which makes us wonder: Is there anything he doesn't know how to do? As he gained fame and accolades for his hard work, he has been added to the list of projects and future directions.

Taika Waititi's upcoming projects

  • Akira

Taika will direct a new live-action adaptation of the 1988 anime Akira. The story is set in a dystopian 2019 and stars Shotaro Kaneda, the leader of a motorcycle gang whose friends acquire telepathic abilities. Warner Bros. acquired the film rights in 2002 after the movie's huge success, and the film was delayed and passed to a variety of different directors before finally finding a home with Waititi, according to Collider. 

  • What We Do in the Shadows 2 

The director confirmed that he will make a sequel to the original film, called We're Wolves, which will focus on a group of werewolves trying to live in present-day New Zealand. The project was made possible by the success of the first mockumentary horror film, for which he was executive producer on the FX series of the same name. With the solid fan base and the success of the show, he decided it was a good idea to take the story in that direction.

  • Star Wars

That's right, Taika will direct a new Star Wars movie! Lucasfilm announced that a new production of the franchise, which is still untitled, is already in development by the director. It is not the first time that Waititi will be involved in the Jedi world, as he directed some episodes of The Mandalorian.

The film will not only be directed by him but he is also going to be involved in the writing of the project, along with Krytsy Wilson-Cairns. The theatrical release is scheduled for 2023, but there is still no word on the cast and premise of the story. 

  • 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' series

Two years ago it was announced that Netflix would bring Willy Wonka back to the screen and Waititi has been chosen to carry out the project, based on the classic story by Roald Dah. But that's not all, as it will not only be one series, but two and separate. 

The first will tell the story of the characters and the plot of the original novel, as we saw in the movie with Johnny Depp and Freddie Highmore. In the other one we will be able to see only the story centered on the Oompa Loompas, as their origins. 

  • The Auteur

Already with a long list of upcoming projects, one more won't hurt. He was chosen to direct Jude Law's next series, called The Auteur. It's a limited horror-comedy series that will air on ShowTime and in the not-too-distant future. Not much is known about the premise itself, but according to sources and Collider, it will be told from the point of view of an eccentric author and a satire of Hollywood.

  • Flash Gordon

Steven "Flash" Gordon is one of the most beloved characters for fans of science fiction comics. The plot will be about the hero from outer space and evil space overlords. The news broke in 2019, when Fox and Disney announced that Taika would create a movie about the iconic character.

  • The Incal

The director will be responsible for the first film adaptation of the graphic novel by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius, entitled The Incal. The news came to light in November of last year, when Humanoids and Primer Entertainment announced who would be directing the film. So far there have not been many changes or major advances in the development, so we will have to wait to know more.

The story will be based on an epic space opera about private investigator John Difool, who finds a magical artifact known as The Incal. As Difool learns more and more about the true powers of the mysterious object, he embarks on an intense spiritual journey across the galaxy. according to Collider.