Marvel's latest installment, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ has arrived in theaters and it has already topped the box office with $90 million. The film has been one of the most anticipated, as six years have passed since the first Strange solo movie, but many people want to follow Wanda Maximoff’s journey and what happens with her. 

As the teasers and trailers have shown, Wanda is one of the main characters in the film and it’s actually a pre-requisite to have watched WandaVision, the first Marvel Disney+ series, or at least know what happens in the show. 

However, many people won’t expect to know (and, again, last warning, spoilers) that she is actually the main villain. So, it’s a full battle between the Supreme Sorcerer and the most powerful witch in the MCU. 

Is Wanda dead in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’? 

In the movie, Scarlet Witch wants to kidnapp and murder teenager America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez), who is capable of traveling accross the multiverse, to steal her power and reunite with her children, who in this universe (616, as we learn in the film) are dead as they were part of the alternate reality Wanda created in WandaVision. 

We watch Wanda in her full Scarlet Witch phase after studying the Darkhold and she’s far from her usual self and, really, doesn't have any scrupulousness in the film. She’s ready to end anyone who gets in her way of getting what she wants. So, how Doctor Strange deals with that? 

At the end, long-story-short, it’s Wanda herself who realizes that what she’s doing is… Well, bad. After learning that she’s the one who created the Darkhold in the first place, she destroys it and sacrifices herself as the temple comes down. It seems like Wanda is dead but, still, the answer is unclear. Can she survive that? Well, in the world of comics, everything is possible. 

What has Elizabeth Olsen said about her future in the MCU? 

During an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Olsen expressed that she would like to continue to play Wanda in the MCU. After she was asked about a possible film on her own, she said “Oh, I don’t know, but if they have a good story to tell, I’ll be there.” 

The actress also spoke about the possibility of a solo movie for Scarlet Witch in an interview with MTV News during the promotion of ‘Multiverse of Madness’. “I think it would be so cool. I feel like the character has got a lot of story to tell, and I’d love to be able to do that, she said.

However, as Marvel fans know, a solo movie doesn’t necessarily mean that her character is alive. It could be a ‘Black Widow’ situation, in which the film served as a prequel to the character after Natasha Romanoff’s death in ‘Endgame’.