As Taylor Swift herself would say, “baby, let the games begin.” Or the theories, to be more exact. After Drake posted a throwback photo with her on Instagram on Monday night, fans started to flood Twitter and Reddit with their theories: are they collaborating? 

If you don’t know, Swift is known for leaving “easter eggs” to her fans about her upcoming projects. As she revealed to Jimmy Fallon, she has been doing this since her first album as she started leaving secret messages in the lyrics of their songs. 

As Swift herself hasn’t been very active on Instagram lately, with her latest post being from March 22 and to promote her upcoming single 'Carolina,' fans are hanging on whatever they get to know what’s Taylor up to next. So, here, we answer your burning questions about what’s happening between the singer, the rapper and that Instagram post. 

Taylor Swift and Drake: Are they dating? Are they friends? Did they date? 

Taylor, 32, and Drake, 35, have been friends for several years now. However, they never haven’t been linked romantically and they certainly aren’t dating right now, as Swift has been in a relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, 31, since 2016. 

However, proof of the good friendship between the pair are Swift’s nod to Drake in her track ‘I Forgot That You Existed’ with the lyrics “in my feelings more than Drake” or their respective mentions to each other hits during their commercials for Apple Music in 2016. 

Drake’s Instagram post with Taylor: Why do fans think they’re collaborating? 

Swifties are the greatest detectives in the world, if you ask us. Taylor’s fans quickly found out that Taylor’s outfit in the photo with Drake is very similar to the one she’s wearing during one of the photages of her documentary ‘Miss Americana,' which could have been taken at the end of 2016 by her boyfriend. 

With Swift re-recording all of her first six albums after her old label, Big Machine Records, sold them to Scooter Braun (long-story short: her nemesis), fans believed that Drake could be featured in one of the previously unreleased tracks that she could put out now. 

The speculation comes because a Drake and Taylor collaboration was widely rumored during 2016 and Swift’s ‘reputation’ album was released in 2017. However, it’s unlikely that the upcoming re-recording would be ‘reputation,’ as artists have to wait at least five years to be able to re-record an album. And, of course, there's always the possibility that it was only a throwback photo.