Things were going as normal during Granada - Manchester United in the first leg of the Europa League quarter finals, until things got a bit strange in the 10th minute when a naked man ran onto the field shocking players and observers alike.

Equally as strange was that the match was played behind closed doors, yet somehow the shaggy naked man made it passed all the security checks and was able to run on the field. The man was able to get across until police were able to tackle him to the ground and escort him off the pitch.

The nudist is very well known in his native city as he frequently has turned up around town naked. Local media have dubbed him “The Naked Man of Granada”. The streaker's real name and age has been revealed by authorities.

Who is The Naked Man of Granada?

Olmo Garcia is 37 years old and has been streaking for quite some time now, according to Marca, Garcia was trying to cause awareness for "human and environmental sustainability". Other reports have indicated that Garcia has been walking around naked for four years and maintains that being nude has good psychological effects.

According to authorities Garcia waited a grand total of 14 hours to pull off the stunt, he made his way to Los Carmenes stadium at around 7 A.M local time and hid under the canvas until he felt the time was right to run on the field.

The match itself finished with a 2-0 Manchester United victory, but it will at least for now, be remembered for the antics by Olmo Garcia.