Even though season 3 of The Mandalorian won't arrive on Disney+ until March 1, 2023, many fans are already starting to wonder if Pedro Pascal will return for the series and what role he will be playing this time. The official release date has not yet been released, but as confirmed at Star Wars Celebration, it will most likely be released between the 1st and 24th.

The production will be set after the events of The Book of Boba Fett (from 2021) and this season will have Jon Favreau as showrunner. While it will be produced by Lucasfilm, Fairview Entertainment, and Golem Creations. It's more than clear that the fandom is dying for new episodes, especially after following the story since the first season and seeing all the new characters, like Grogu.

The development of the new chapters was officially confirmed in December 2020 and filming began in October of the following year. By March of this year they finished filming the last remaining scenes and finally wrapped filming. Giancarlo Esposito (Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad) is one of the former members of the show who will have more participation during this season.

The Mandalorian: Will Pedro Pascal return for season 3?

Pedro Pascal will return as Din Djarin and Grogu will be accompanying him once again. Several members of the production didn't know if the filming wouldn't have to be delayed or suspended at some point due to the itinerary and the actor's busy schedule, as he is currently filming the new adaptation of The Last of Us

About 1 month ago, the actor who plays The Mandalorian shared with Total Film his personal vision about the evolution of his character. At the moment he believes that if Mando is going to take over as leader, he will do it reluctantly but will be rewarded in the end. He also revealed that he enjoyed the character arc he has with Din Djarin. 

"If he's stepping into a leadership position, he's reluctant to do it. I don't think there's anything more interesting than forcing a character to figure out what he's capable of and who he is. That part has been really, really fun. Also, from my point of view, there's a lot of ways to look to find the tonality of that. I just tried to get the subtleties of that kind of character development", the actor said. 

Chances are that over the course of the third season, which will continue after the events of The Book of Boba Fett, Mandalorian and Grogu will continue to travel to Mandalore so that Din Djarin can redeem himself for his helmet-removing transgressions. In case you want to catch up or have a marathon, remember that all episodes of the series are available on Disney+.