The reality show 'Worst Cooks in America' will be back for its 24th season. Twelve new contestants with zero cooking skills will go through an intensive bootcamp to learn how to prepare a proper meal and try to win a $25,000 grand prize.

Star of Food Network’s primetime franchise Chef Anne Burrell will return as host of the popular series. This time, she'll be joined by Chef Cliff Crooks in his first season to lead the newest batch of contestants. 

"I have the greatest time hosting 'Worst Cooks in America' and look forward to teaching our contestants and viewers on this show, how to cook like rock stars," said Burrell to Courier Journal. Here, check out how to watch the Season 24 premiere. 

When and how to watch Worst Cook of America Season 24 premiere?

You can catch Worst Cook of America Season 24 on fuboTV (free trial) on Wednesday, January 5 at 9 PM (ET). It will ve a 90 minute episode. You can also watch it on Food Network. It will be a great season, with many surprises. 

The contestants of this season include married couples, two long-lost cousins, a pair of drag artists and best friends. There will be many challenges such as a gladiator-style arena one or the fan favorite game Remote Control Chef. 

In a preview clip, fans can see how shocked Chef Crook is watching the contestants making their first plates. “My expectations need to be lowered”, he says. “What these people make to food always makes me shocked, and I’m used to it," Burrell adds. So, don’t miss it!