The second season of Yellowjackets has come to an end, and the big finale left many questions unanswered. Viewers got to see more of the life in the wilderness in the past (including cannibalism), as well as two shocking deaths in the two timelines. Spoilers below!

In the past, the teens sacrifice Javi and end up eating him. However, their cabin burns down at the end of the finale, which means they won’t have any shelter to protect themselves from the cold. Also, Coach Ben is still missing.

Meanwhile, the present-day hunt ritual ends with Misty accidentally killing Natalie. With these tragedies, it’s totally normal that fans of the show want to see what is coming on Season 3, which was already announced back in December. So, when is the release date?

When is Season 3 of Yellowjackets coming out?

It will take a while for new episodes to arrive as production of Season 3 halted due to the Writers Guild of America’s strike. Co-creator Ashley Lyle announced on Twitter on May 2 that the writers’ room for the third season only met for a day before the WGA strike started.

“Well, we had exactly one day in the #YellowJackets S3 writers’ room. It was amazing, and creatively invigorating, and so much fun, and I’m very excited to get back to it as soon as the #WGA gets a fair deal. #1u #unionstrong,” Lyle wrote.

The WGA strike has been in effect for a month now, and there is no sign of it ending soon. Especially as negotiations with the AMPTP, which represents the biggest film and TV studios, haven’t resumed.