Young Rock was one of Dwayne Johnson‘s most special projects, as it closely chronicled every stage of his personal life. The series aired on Peacock and was described as the biography of one of the most popular actors of the generation.

The story went from his growing up in a strong family, to being surrounded by professional wrestlers, to his time as a soccer player at the University of Miami, to how he became the person and businessman he is today.

Despite being inspired by his experiences, it was not a documentary-style production, but quite the opposite. It was a series that featured real actors, where The Rock starred alongside Joseph Lee Anderson and more.

Why did NBC cancel Young Rock?

Deadline confirmed that NBC canceled the series after three seasons. This is due to the fact that the last installment experienced a big drop compared to the previous editions. It obtained only 1.4 million viewers, while in the second one it had 2.23 million.

When the level of reproduction fell, the production company decided to stop betting on the project. It was not the only series that was cancelled; other titles were also discarded and others are still uncertain, as is the case of American Auto.