Annually, the Community Shield is played at Wembley Stadium between the Premier League winners and the FA Cup winners of the preceding season. This means that if the Premier League champions were also victorious in the FA Cup, they would face the league runners-up. It is recognized by both the English Football Association and UEFA as a competitive super cup matchup.

The revenue from the game, which is organized by the FA, is donated to local community projects and organizations around the United Kingdom. Gate revenues and match program sales income is allocated to the 124 teams that played in the FA Cup from the first round onwards for donation to charities and projects of their choice, while the balance is distributed to the FA's national charity partners.

It was previously known as the Charity Shield. When the Sheriff of London Charity Shield was replaced in the 1908/09 season, the FA Charity Shield began in the current form. Leicester City are the new champions after overcaming Manchester City with a lone penalty goal from Kelechi Iheanacho at the 89th minute. Last year, Arsenal overcame Liverpool 5-4 on penalties following a 1-1 draw to claim the trophy.

Community Shield Champions: Winners list by year

Manchester United are the most successful team in the competition with 17 victories and four draws, followed by Arsenal with 15 wins and one draw, and Liverpool with 10 triumphs and 5 draws (8 outright wins, one shared). Manchester United's 8-4 victory over Swindon Town in 1911 was the highest-scoring game.

There are two teams who have made the most appearances without winning or sharing a trophy: Chelsea (2010, 2012, 2015, 2017, and 2018) and Newcastle United (1932, 1951, 1952, 1955, and 1996). With four straight victories from 1984 to 1987, Everton holds the record for most consecutive victories. As of 1998-2001, Manchester United holds the record for the most consecutive defeats (4). From 1996 to 2001, Manchester United set the record for most consecutive games played (6), winning in just two.

As part of the 1967 Charity Shield, Tottenham goalkeeper Pat Jennings scored against Manchester United from his own penalty area.
It is the only club in history to have won the Shield, but not either the FA Cup or League Cup. This was the only time the Southern League champions won the Charity Shield in the five years between 1908 and 1912. To date, Brighton's sole national honor has been this win, which earned them the title of "Champions of England".

Year Winners
2021 Leicester City
2020 Arsenal
2019 Manchester City
2018 Manchester City
2017 Arsenal
2016 Manchester United
2015 Arsenal
2014 Arsenal
2013 Manchester United
2012 Manchester City
2011 Manchester United
2010 Manchester United
2009 Chelsea
2008 Manchester United
2007 Manchester United
2006 Liverpool
2005 Chelsea
2004 Arsenal
2003 Manchester United
2002 Arsenal
2001 Liverpool
2000 Chelsea
1999 Arsenal
1998 Arsenal
1997 Manchester United
1996 Manchester United
1995 Everton
1994 Manchester United
1993 Manchester United
1992 Leeds United
1991 Arsenal/Tottenham
1990 Liverpool/Manchester United
1989 Liverpool
1988 Liverpool
1987 Everton
1986 Liverpool/Everton
1985 Everton
1984 Everton
1983 Manchester United
1982 Liverpool
1981 Aston Villa/Tottenham
1980 Liverpool
1979 Liverpool
1978 Nottingham Forest
1977 Liverpool/Manchester United
1976 Liverpool
1975 Derby County
1974 Liverpool
1973 Burnley
1972 Manchester City
1971 Leicester City
1970 Everton
1969 Leeds United
1968 Manchester City
1967 Manchester United/Tottenham
1966 Liverpool
1965 Liverpool/Manchester United
1964 Liverpool
1963 Everton
1962 Tottenham
1961 Tottenham
1960 Burnley/Wolverhampton
1959 Wolverhampton
1958 Bolton Wanderers
1957 Manchester United
1956 Manchester United
1955 Chelsea
1954 Wolverhampton
1953 Arsenal
1952 Manchester United
1951 Tottenham
1950 England
1949 Wolverhampton
1948 Arsenal
1938 Arsenal
1937 Manchester City
1936 Sunderland
1935 Sheffield Wednesday
1934 Arsenal
1933 Arsenal
1932 Everton
1931 Arsenal
1930 Arsenal
1929 English Professionals
1928 Everton
1927 Cardiff City
1926 English Amateurs
1925 English Amateurs
1924 English Professionals
1923 English Professionals
1922 Huddersfield Town
1921 Tottenham
1920 West Bromwich Albion
1913 English Professionals
1912 Blackburn Rovers
1911 Manchester United
1910 Brighton & Hove Albion
1909 Newcastle United
1908 Manchester United