Conor McGregor is one of the most electrifying fighters of all time and one of the most influential in UFC history. The Irish man has left his mark on combat sports and he’s still fighting at the highest level, so his legend will keep getting bigger as long as he remains active. 

The Notorious always had something inside of him that made him special. From being a very poor young man in Ireland to become a global star before even turning 30, this man did everything he could and wanted, enchanting everybody in the process. 

He’s about to return to the cage against Dustin Poirier in a great fine and it’s time to go through Conor McGregor’s net worth and see how much money he’s earned during his career, his source of income and what’s next for the fighter. 

Conor McGregor net worth: Biggest paydays 

Given his talent inside the octagon and how great he is getting under the skin of his rivals, Conor became a star in the UFC as soon as he landed in the promotion. That earned him big paydays at a very young age, which only increased with the years. 

UFC 189 vs Chad Mendes: $5 Million

UFC 194 vs Jose Aldo: $12 Million 

UFC 196 vs Nate Diaz: $10 Million (minimum)

UFC 202 vs Nate Diaz: $25 Million 

UFC 205 vs Eddie Alvarez: $7 Million 

UFC 229 vs Khabib Nurmagomedov: $50 Million

UFC 246 vs Donald Cerrone: $30 Million

In 2017, he left the cage to star in a super-fight with Floyd “Money” Mayweather that gave him $100 million between guarantees, merchandise royalties, concessions and bonuses. Celebrity Net Worth explains with all the taxes he had to pay after that fight, Conor had a net worth of $85 million. 

Conor McGregor deal and sponsors 

McGregor’s personality has transcended the sport of MMA, which has led companies to sign sponsorship deals with him. According to Forbes, the 32-year-old renewed his sponsorship deal with Reebok, which pays him some $5 million per year.

If that wasn’t enough, he started his own Irish whiskey brand, distiller Proper No. Twelve in 2018, and the brand is now available in several countries around the world. 

Conor McGregor earnings in 2020 

According to Forbes, he was the #53 highest-paid celebrity in the world in 2020 and the #16 world's highest-paid athlete. When it came to fighters, McGregor was only the second-highest paid in the world, just behind Tyson Fury. He amassed $48 million in salary and endorsements. 

Conor McGregor Net Worth 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, with all his payments, sponsors, deals and his own companies, the Notorious has amassed $120 Million in total. That is a lot knowing that UFC fighters don’t often get paid a lot unless they are big names like McGregor, Khabig Nurmagomedov, Jon Jones and more. 

When is Conor McGregor's next fight? 

Conor is set to take the octagon again this Saturday against Dustin Poirier in UFC 257. This will be a rematch of a fight that took place in 2014. Conor won that fight via TKO in one of the bouts that helped his rise to stardom.