Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use
The Terms and Conditions described below are intended to regulate the use made by people who enter the Bolavip website usa.bolavip.com, hereinafter "BV".

Any person who makes use of the services provided by the site will automatically and unavoidably be considered a user, and therefore must assume all responsibilities that such character imposes, which are described below.

1. Definitions

Will mean all those digital documents of format html, gif, jpg, pdf, avi, mp3, mp2, mov, and any other that is used to allow the access to information, works of art, music, photographs, videos and any form that could adopt a creation of the human intellect, as well as the graphic design and source codes of the site, that are protected by the laws of copyright recognized in the national and international environments.

Will mean the division of the screen of the Internet page display program in two or more frames in order to show contents of two or more websites simultaneously and/or to show another site within a window or frame.

Will mean any hyperlink made from the site to another website and vice versa, whether it be html, shtml, php, or flash, this enumeration not being exhaustive and may extend to any medium capable of linking digital content.

This shall mean all the information provided by BV or Third Parties through the site, the content disseminated in paper format and all those services which may be offered and/or promoted by BV and/or Third Parties on the site in the future.

Third parties:
This shall mean all those individuals or legal entities who, by contracting the services provided by BV, publish content, advertise or market products and/or services on the site.

Shall mean any person who accesses and navigates usa.bolavip.com via http, ftp protocol and/or uses the e-mails published on the site.

2. Object

The purpose of the BV site is to provide users with information and services related to the sporting and social activity sports all along the USA. Likewise, the site aims to offer Users the various products and/or services advertised both by BV and by Third Parties.

3. Conditions of use

In order to provide an optimal service, the Personal Data that usa.bolavip.com may collect has the following purposes:

3.1. Free Access: Access to the information provided by the site is free. The User must, in certain and determined cases, register to enjoy the benefits of those Services that BV expressly determines. This free access shall not extend in any case to the use of other BV Services and/or products and/or those of Third Parties whose use and enjoyment is conditioned by the payment of a price by the User. In this case, it will be necessary to sign the respective contract, in which the contracting parties will establish the applicable commercial terms.

3.2. Acceptable Use: The User must use all the elements and means made available to him/her on the site by BV and/or Third Parties as a whole in accordance with the laws, regulations and government provisions in force and applicable, as well as with these Terms and Conditions of Use, the instructions and other notices published on the site and which have the purpose of providing the User with guidance on the manner in which to proceed and use the Services and/or products offered and/or promoted here.

Therefore, the User must not use the Services and/or products for illicit purposes or effects; or which are prohibited in these Terms and Conditions of Use; or which may damage or impair the rights and interests of third parties; or which may in any way damage or prevent the free and normal use of the Services and/or Contents of BV, of Third Parties, of other Users and/or of any Internet user.

3.3. Obtaining Information: The User is not authorised to use any Content of the site, but rather by means of the agreement referred to in point 3.1 of this document, and shall be responsible for the violations of the rights of third parties, of the site and of BV, and shall be obliged to compensate the victims for the damages that the aforementioned violations produce.

Likewise, the User may not and must not collect data stored on the site for advertising purposes or send advertising and/or communications of any kind for commercial purposes to other Users, without prior and express authorisation from BV. Neither may nor should the User make available to third parties, for any purpose, data obtained from the distribution lists implemented, provided and/or promoted by BV.

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Registering implies accepting the Terms and Conditions

Registering implies accepting the Terms and Conditions