Chelsea and Aston Villa will play against each other today in what will be a warm-up friendly between Premier League clubs at the Al-Nahyan Stadium in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Here you will find all the information you need to know about this game, including how to watch it on TV or live stream in your country.

There is little left for the end of the World Cup and since this Qatar 2022 edition was played at a time when all the European leagues were in full season, the renewal of these leagues will be a few days after the final is played. For this reason, the teams seek to arrive with the highest game pace possible.

Two of them will be these two rivals. On the one hand, Chelsea want to enter the qualification zone for international cups and fight in the UEFA Champions League. On the other hand, Aston Villa, after moving away from the last places in the standings, will also seek to be among those qualified for an international Cup.

Chelsea vs Aston Villa: Kick-Off Time 

Liverpool will play against Lyon in a warm-up friendly this Sunday, December 11 at the at the Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Canada: 9:10 AM (EDT)
Cameroon: 3:10 PM
Ghana: 2:10 PM
Ireland: 2:10 PM
Israel: 5:10 PM
Kenya: 5:10 PM
Nigeria: 3:10 PM
South Africa: 4:10 PM
Tanzania: 5:10 PM
UK: 2:10 PM 
USA: 9:10 AM (ET)

Chelsea vs Aston Villa: TV Channel and Live Streaming

International:, The 5th Stand, VillaTV