Even with Deshaun Watson facing nearly two dozen of civil lawsuits, Aaron Rodgers' situation with the Green Bay Packers was the biggest story of the offseason. The reigning MVP didn't want to play for his lifelong team anymore and no one had a clue as to what was going to happen.

Some predicted that Rodgers wouldn't show up to training camp or preseason. Others speculated that the Packers could trade him, while others believed that it was just a matter of time before he showed up.

But, according to a recent interview, Rodgers was actually on the fence about leaving the game for good and retiring or coming back for the upcoming NFL season. In Rodgers' words, he was 50/50 on his decision.

Aaron Rodgers Says He Was 50/50 About Retiring Before Training Camp

“I mean, I felt going into the weekend before camp that I was 50/50,” Rodgers recently told Dan Le Batard & Friends podcast. “I don’t care if people don’t believe that. That’s true. There were some things that got me to 50/50 for sure, and you know I spent a couple of days in silence and meditation and contemplation and really felt like that I should come back. There’s a lot of opportunities for growth and exciting things in Green Bay and that felt like the right thing to do.”


Brett Favre Predicted Rodgers Would Rather Retire Than Not Play For The Packers

Brett Favre predicted this several months ago. He called Rodgers' bluff long before anybody else could see it, citing that Aaron would rather retire than not play for the Packers and that he was just frustrated at the time:

“I wouldn’t pay much attention to it. I think frustration, disappointment, hurt, pain, all were in that soundbite," Favre said after the Packers' loss in the NFC Championship game. “Look, there’s no way the Packers would do anything to jeopardize losing Aaron [Rodgers], unless Aaron just chooses to retire, which I would be shocked. The guy’s playing better now than he’s ever played, and without him, you certainly wouldn’t have been even close to where you were [Sunday]. And I think the same will go for next year, and really the next few years, if he chooses to play. I wouldn’t pay much attention to what he said."


Even so, it seems like Rodgers' relationship with the team is far from good right now, and while they were able to make amends to run it back for at least another season, this might as well be his final year at Lambeau.