The FIFA World Cup is the most precious treasure in professional and organized soccer. Thus, having the chance to play one of its editions invites you to do everything, literally everything, to achieve it. As it is happening with the Chilean soap opera with Ecuador and footballer Byron Castillo, which had a new episode, thanks to a message from the player that ignited social media.

Prior to Castillo's incendiary message, Chile launched a bombshell with the confirmation by its Football Federation of a complaint filed with the FIFA Disciplinary Committee against Ecuador and Byron Castillo. Evidently, the main objective of this maneuver is that la Roja can take la Tri's place in Qatar 2022.

What Chile is asking FIFA to formally investigate are three possible administrative offenses committed by Ecuador with Byron Castillo as the trigger: the falsity of his birth certificate, falsity in the age claimed in the aforementioned allegedly apocryphal certificate, and falsity in his nationality (he is alleged to be Colombian).

Byron Castillo sets social media on fire with his message to Chile

Byron Castillo must not be having a good time. The Barcelona de Guayaquil player is in the eye of the hurricane because, if the FIFA Disciplinary Committee decides so, he could be the trigger for a painful elimination of Ecuador from Qatar 2022; and worse, off the field.

That is why Castillo reacted to Chile's complaint to FIFA in the favorite arena for any public figure to express anything they want today, the social media. There, in a subtle way, Byron Castillo left a message to the Chileans, reminding them that, until further notice, they are out of Qatar 2022.

"Qatar 2022, on television" was Castillo's message, evidently directed at Chile. Ecuador is part of Group A of the upcoming FIFA World Cup along with the host country, which debuts in this tournament, Sadio Mane's Senegal and Virgil Van Dijk's Netherlands.