Canada and Croatia are facing each other for the second round of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Both teams were in a delicate situation after not winning their first matches in the tournament. Here, check out what happens if the match ends with a tie. 

If Belgium defeated Morocco, they would have qualified. However, after their loss, the stakes changed in Group F. The African side is now the leader of the group with four points, while Belgium have three. 

Meanwhile, Canada has currently zero points, while Croatia has one point from their draw with Morocco. They both have chances to get into the Round of 16 but they depend on other results too. Check out the scenario if they tie. 

What happens if Canada and Croatia tie in the second round of Qatar 2022? 

Group F is one of the most competitive in the tournament. So far, all teams will enter the third round with chances of qualifying. However, if Canada and Croatia tie, there are different scenarios for the both teams. 

A tie between Croatia and Canada will leave Les Rouges with slim chances of qualifying as they will have to win against Morocco, and expect a tie between Croatia and Belgium. They will also have to consider the goal difference. 

Meanwhile, to Croatia a tie won’t mean much because they will fight directly against Belgium. If they win their last match, they will qualify for the Round of 16. So, they only depend on themselves. You can check the possible outcomes, with our World Cup Simulator. 

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