Matchday 3 of Gold Cup 2021 is almost done. The US national team beat Canada 1-0 to claim the top of Group B thanks to a lone goal by Shaq Moore, while Haiti leave the tournament with three points after beating Martinique 2-1.

Suriname clinched their first-ever win in the Concacaf tournament as they defeated Guadeloupe 2-1 on the final matchday of Group C. Later, Costa Rica beat Jamaica to secure the top spot of the group and set up an interesting meeting with Canada in the quarterfinals.

Mexico won Group A after beating 1-0 El Salvador, who ended up second, in Matchday 3, while Trinidad and Tobago and Guatemala tied 1-1. In Group D, Honduras were shocked by Qatar, who finished in the top spot. Here, check out the results, standings and the next matches of the Gold Cup 2021.

2021 Gold Cup - Matchday 1 results 

Group A 

Mexico 0 - 0 Trinidad and Tobago 

El Salvador 2 - 0 Guatemala 

Group B 

Canada 4 - 1 Martinique 

USA 1 - 0 Haiti 

Group C

Jamaica 2-0 Suriname

Costa Rica 3-1 Guadeloupe

Group D 

Qatar 3 - 3 Panama 

Honduras 4 -0 Grenada

2021 Gold Cup - Matchday 2 results

Group A

Trinidad and Tobago 0-2 El Salvador
Guatemala 0-3 Mexico

Group B

Haiti 1-4 Canada
Martinique 1-6 USA

Group C

Guadeloupe 1-2 Jamaica
Suriname 1-2 Costa Rica

Group D 

Grenada 0-4 Qatar 
Panama 2-3 Honduras

2021 Gold Cup - Matchday 3 results

Group A 

Mexico 1-0 El Salvador 
Guatemala 1-1 Trinidad and Tobago

Group B 

Martinique 1-2 Haiti 
USA 1-0 Canada

Group C
Suriname 2-1 Guadeloupe
Costa Rica 1-0 Jamaica

Group D

Honduras 0-1 Qatar
Panama 3-1 Grenada

2021 Gold Cup - Next round macthes 

Concacaf Gold Cup 2021 Quarterfinals:

Qatar vs El Salvador
Mexico vs Honduras
Costa Rica vs Canada
USA vs Jamaica

Gold Cup 2021 - Standings 

After Matchday 3, there were some changes in the standings. The USMNT finished at the top of Group B, while Canada ended up second. Mexico also won Group A after beating El Salvador, who finished second. 

Costa Rica took control of Group C after beating Jamaica on Matchday 3, while Honduras were leapfroged in Group D as Qatar beat them in the final round. With that result, Panama were eliminated of the tournament.

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