When we talk about the future of tennis, one of the first names that will probably come up to mind is Coco Gauff. The 17-year-old sensation has had an incredible rise over the last few years, but unfortunately, she won't be playing at Tokyo 2020.

The youngest player in the top 100 of the WTA ranking, Cori Gauff aimed to participate in her first Olympic Games this year, but she announced the heartbreaking news for her just a few days before the Olympics began.

Gauff was expected to hog the spotlight at the Summer Olympics after proving what she's capable of doing at the court at such a young age. Sadly, the No. 25 of the WTA world ranking will have to wait to fight for an Olympic medal.

Why is Coco Gauff missing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

When it seemed that she would be representing the USA at the Olympics, Coco Gauff announced she was ruled out for Tokyo 2020 after testing positive for Covid. Gauff shared the news on social media, stating she was disappointed for missing the tournament.

Coco Gauff announced on Twitter she would miss Tokyo 2020.

After a series of withdrawals by American tennis players, Gauff was ready to play in her first Olympics representing her country. But the pandemic keeps on hitting our lives and this time it has prevented Gauff from fulfilling a long-time dream.

It was certainly a major blow for her and the USA Team, but she still has a bright future ahead and there will be more opportunities to come. Now she'll have to cheer on her country from home, but Gauff's career is just getting started and the 2024 Olympics could give her another chance.