The NBA season just came to an end with the Milwaukee Bucks winning the championship over the Phoenix Suns. But as you may know by now, there’s no such thing as full rest when it comes to the Association.

From the NBA Draft to Summer League to preseason, this league goes year-round, and that’s one of the many things we love about it. And, judging by the additions most contenders have made, we can already start making our predictions for next season.

That’s exactly what former NBA player turned analyst Jalen Rose did, predicting the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakerswill face off in the NBA Finals and that Kevin Durant will win Finals MVP.

Jalen Rose Says Nets And Lakers Will Play In The Finals, KD Will Finals MVP

(via Get Up ESPN)

"You bring in a guy like Russ, who averaged a triple-double last year, and he's gonna help get you through the regular season. Once the playoffs start, in a seven-game series, when you can try five Hall of Famers out on the floor at the same time, that's gonna be great to watch. They're not "too old" to win the Wests or even to win it all.

The problem is, you got to beat the Nets. And if you lose to the Nets, it ain't gonna because you're too old. It's gonna be because they got KD, James Harden, and Kyrie ballin'.

I think it's Lakers and Nets [in the Finals], and KD is the Finals MVP as Brooklyn gets it done next season."

Obviously, Rose is getting way ahead of himself right now. The Nets are incredible but they’re also injury-prone, and the Lakers are deep and talented but also the oldest team in the league. Anything can happen, but feel free to make your predictions as well.