The NBA is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, watched by millions worldwide daily. The NBA is a 30-team league that spans the whole United States and Canada, with an average of 17,750 fans per game that attend NBA games. In Florida, the NBA has a strong presence and there are a total of two NBA teams in the state, the Orlando Magic, and the Miami Heat. Both teams have had success over the years with the Heat being the team with the most resounding success overall. The Miami Heat recently was in the NBA Finals, while the Orlando Magic were division champions in 2019.

Both the Heat and Magic have had some of the league’s top stars play for them. Dwight Howard, Shaquille O'Neal, and Tracy McGrady are some of the players to have suited up for the Magic.

While the Miami Heat have had none other than LeBron James in their ranks, just as Dwyane Wade, Alonzo Mourning, and Chris Bosh. What are the Florida teams' track records in the NBA? Let’s take a look.

The Orlando Magic

The Magic have never won an NBA title, but they have won 2 conference titles and 6 division titles. Their last conference title was in 2009. The team has one retired number, the number 6, for “The Sixth Man” that represents the fans.

The Miami Heat

The Miami Heat have more accolades than their Florida counterparts, the Heat have won the NBA title on 3 occasions, they have been conference champions six times, and the club has won 16 division titles.