• Ray Allen’s epic three-pointer may have saved LeBron James’ career.
  • He would’ve fallen to 1-3 in the NBA Finals.
  • James thinks Allen was lucky to hit that shot.

LeBron James Recalls Ray Allen’s ‘Lucky’ Legacy-Saving Triple

Long before he set foot on an NBA court, LeBron James was already being considered the next big thing in the game. Some even compared him to Michael Jordan and claimed he was going to one-up him.

Whether he’s done it or will ever do it is not for us to debate. However, his negative record in the NBA Finals will always be a stain on his otherwise perfect résumé.

Notably, he was one Ray Allen three-pointer away from starting his career 1-3 in the NBA Finals, which is why some think that shot saved his legacy. Even so, he believes the former Miami Heat star was lucky to have hit that shot.

LeBron James Discusses Ray Allen’s Epic Three-Pointer

“I missed that one, and who knows if Timmy D is on the floor. Does he clean glass? He has cleaned a lot of glass in his career. But Bosh is able to get the rebound over Manu. Ray backpedals, doesn’t even look at the line,” he said. “What if he steps on the line? What if he steps on the baseline? What if his toe’s on the line? There’s a lot of preparation because I watch Ray do that every day, prep like that, but I believe there’s some luck to that, too.”

Ray Allen and LeBron James

Ray Allen and LeBron James

Under that logic, then every single shot in NBA history has been lucky. We can’t stop and think about what ifs and ripple effects of every minor thing that leads to a shot.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that the Heat were only in a position to come back because James was spectacular in the sequences leading to Allen’s three-pointer, so perhaps he just wants more credit for that.

Whatever the case, Allen’s shot will go down as one of the most epic in the history of this game, and it helped cement LeBron as the undisputed best player on Earth at the time.

SURVEY Did that shot save LeBron\'s legacy?

Did that shot save LeBron\'s legacy?