Brett Favre made his way around the NFL thanks to his toughness, grittiness, and stubbornness. It seemed like nothing or no one could get through him, and he was one of the toughest guys to ever pad up in the league.

Needless to say, that wasn't exactly healthy for him. As a matter of fact, he had to overcome a painkiller addiction that started in 1994 and lasted for years, as he recently confessed on his podcast Bolling With Favre.

In the latest episode, the Green Bay Packers legend recounted several incidents he went through during his career due to this addiction, saying that he could consume a month's worth of prescription in just two days.

Brett Favre Admits He Wanted To Commit Suicide

“I was as low as I possibly could be. I said it’s one of two things—I die, or I flush these pills down the toilet. I sat by the toilet for two hours. Eventually, I dumped the pills in the toilet, flushed them and I almost wanted to kill myself because of doing that," Favre confessed.

The Hall of Famer quarterback said that he suffered multiple seizures because of this addiction and encouraged all young people out there - especially football players - not to follow his steps:

“It was really not the way you want to come off of pain pills because it could kill you. I shook with cold sweats and hot sweats. Every night at nine o’clock, I just shook because that was the exact time when I took them. No matter where I was or what I was doing, I would take them," he concluded.

Gladly, the former Minnesota Vikings quarterback is clean now and he says he feels better than ever at 51-years-young. Then again, this is just another example of how much of a physical burden professional football players have to endure throughout their careers.