Online gaming and betting has slowly begun to find its place in the Latin American market. As more and more countries ease on restrictions, the gaming industry is a place where bettors can wager in a safe environment and corporate interests, and marketing opportunities can arise. The SBC Digital Latinoamérica conference will provide an opportunity for many of those paths to cross in a virtual event that will take place over two days. The conference will have over 60 speakers from various points of the industry, such as gaming CEO’s, members from the Soccer industry, legal experts, as well as affiliates. There will also be virtual stands for product showcase, networking, and on-demand content. The conference will primarily focus on the opportunities opening up for the industry in the region and the obstacles that must be overcome to take advantage of them.

Rasmus Sojmark, CEO & Founder of SBC, said: “Latin America is a hugely exciting region for the betting and gaming industry, with a host of opportunities emerging for both local and international operators as more countries come to recognise the benefits of establishing regulated markets. The team behind our fast-growing news website have their finger on the pulse of all the key developments in the region. They have used that knowledge to compile an agenda that will provide SBC Digital Latinoamérica delegates with a wealth of practical insights about the best opportunities and the challenges that operators need to prepare for as the markets open up.”

The SBC Digital Latinoamérica conference.

The SBC Digital Latinoamérica will take place on March 2nd-March 3rd, anyone interested in attending the event can register online on the conference’s official website. It will be the second time the event is held. The first one took place in June of last year.

Details about the SBC Digital Latinoamérica conference

The conference will be broken down into two days. The first one will focus on the leadership and innovation which will examine the potential offered by partnerships between media brands and betting operators, the development of engaging new products for markets within Latin America, and whether lotteries can successfully transition into the digital space. The day will continue with discussions about regulation in which legal experts will evaluate the likely next steps towards establishing legal frameworks for online gaming in countries across the region.

Day two will focus on Brazil and the continued potential the online gaming industry has in the South American giant. Then the focus turns to Sports Betting and the many aspects of the industry, not just betting on conventional sports but also the growing trend of esports.