Even though they claim the NBA is where amazing happens, Major League Baseball isn't that far off. Every single year, the offseason is full of shocking moves, trades, and international signings.

This year wasn't the exception to that trend. From the New York Mets signing Kodai Senga to a massive deal to Cody Bellinger getting MVP-kind of money, it seems like you never know what's going on in this league.

And with Carlos Correa's last-second move to Queens, this offseason might as well have been one of the craziest in recent times. With that in mind, let's take a look at the most shocking transactions.

MLB News: The Most Shocking Offseason Moves

3. Xander Bogaerts

While it wasn't shocking to see multiple teams interested in Xander Bogaerts, the fact that he joined the San Diego Padres, of all teams, was a major surprise. I mean, how many shortstops do they need?

The Padres are trying to build a contender by any means necessary, and spending big money on superstars is sure a step in that direction. But you have to wonder whether this was the right fit for both parties.

2. Jacob deGrom

Most people were on the fence about Jacob deGrom. 50% thought he was a lock to be back with the New York Mets, while the other 50% was sure he was going to end up with the Atlanta Braves.

So, it was shocking to see the Texas Rangers coming out of the left field to snatch the best pitcher in baseball to a mega deal. Hopefully, he'll stay healthy and will be able to live up to that contract.

1. Carlos Correa

Obviously, Carlos Correa's deal has to be the biggest surprise. He had already agreed to a 13-year mega-deal with the San Francisco Giants. Then, out of the blue, they postponed his press conference due to health concerns.

But apparently, Steve Cohen wasn't concerned at all. He gave Correa a 12-year contract to get the superstar shortstop to the New York Mets. So, what actually happened? What popped up in his medical? I guess we'll never know.