It's not too often that you see a star player up for grabs in the trade market. But after a team parts ways with their biggest star, you know that's likely the first domino to fall as they head towards a rebuild.

That's why all Major League Baseball has their eyes set on the Colorado Rockies. They finally traded away Nolan Arenado, which means that Trevor Story could be the next big-time player on the move.

As a matter of fact, Story is well aware of the possibility of being traded, especially considering he's just 28 years old and running the final year of his contract with the Colorado Rockies.

Trevor Story Knows His Time In Colorado Is Up

"I'm sad and a little frustrated to be honest. All I can do is focus on playing the best baseball I can for my teammates and the fans. They deserve it,"  Story told Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post after the Arenado trade.

New York Yankees Could Trade For Trevor Story

That's where the New York Yankees come in. Story has been tied to a move to the Yankees for quite some time now, and Abbey Mastraco of Bleacher Report recently put together a trade package that might as well get the job done for them:

"The Yankees have young assets to trade for Story. They have Miguel Andujar, who seems to be out of place. (...) They also have Gleyber Torres, a two-time All-Star who may end up being as good as Story, but is not yet. Defensive metrics favor Story, but Torres would be a hard sell. He's four years younger than Story, he's still under team control for four seasons and he's highly valued by the Yankees. The Yankees also have top pitching prospect Deivi Garcia to use as a trade chip. Any package to the Rockies would probably have to start with players like Garcia and Andujar, as well as salary relief since it would put the Yankees over the $210 million luxury-tax line. The club has been hesitant to go over that in recent seasons," the report said.

Obviously, the Yankees will be wary of giving up on Gleyber Torres just yet but there's no denying that Trevor Story would be an upgrade on both aspects of the game. They need to win now and he's a better fit for their timeline, so no wonder why those rumors are once again stacking up.