The 2022 NBA Draft is just hours away. As the rumors about which prospect will be the first overall pick are heating up, there are other picks that may surprise everyone next 2022-23 NBA season. Whereas other players are expected to continue their father's legacy in the NBA, Shareef O'Neal is looking for his own path. 

The son of Shaquille O'Neal is among the prospects that come from the LSU Tigers men's basketball team. Shareef O'Neal will try to make his way through the draft, despite many experts listed him out of the event. In fact, he has overcome bigger obstacles in his life, like his heart condition.

Although, being the son of an NBA legend may have leverage in his favor, its also against him. Clearly, Shareef will not be his father, as simple as that. Despite both may have similiar height, Shareef has a different set of skills. But the question remains, is that enough to get drafted?

Will Shareef O'Neal get drafted?

Despite his college background, Shareef hasn't done anything above average to get into the NBA. The 22-year old forward has an average of 3 points and 2 rebounds per game in 9 minutes of play. This numbers clearly don't make the cut for a first-round pick. 

However, earlier this month Shareef O'Neal trained with the Los Angeles Lakers ahead of the 2022 NBA Draft. These last trainnings could help him to land in as a second-round pick, but he is almost likely to not be drafted in this year's event at the Barclays Center.