The summer of 2022 will be remembered by NBA fans for the tremendous soap opera that was Kevin Durant's desire to leave the Brooklyn Nets. A fight in which it is not yet known if the power forward won or lost. 

As more chapters of this suspenseful NBA story are being written, a key resource that can tip the scales in favor of either the Nets or Durant is being lost: time. Given this, it seems that the advantage goes to the Brooklyn team.

And in this scenario, the question arises: what would be the consequences if Kevin Durant is unsuccessful in his quest to switch teams for the next NBA season? One league insider, Brian Windhorst, made a prediction.

Windhorst's prediction about Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets

Brian Windhorst has the experience to talk about what's going on in the NBA. And one of, if not the hottest topic of the moment is Kevin Durant's future with the Nets. That's where the insider's thoughts on the matter come in.

"A week ago, if you had asked me, ‘will Kevin Durant hold out of training camp if he’s not traded?’ I would have been like, ‘I can’t see it.’ Now I can see it. That is what we’re headed towards,", stated Windhorst according to Clutch Points.

The curious thing about Brian Windhorst's prediction is that Kevin Durant's story, instead of finding a denouement, would simply be writing another chapter as the power forward's reluctance to fulfill his contract with the Brooklyn Nets would lead to problems of a different nature.