The Golden State Warriors made a somewhat head-scratching move when they traded for Chris Paul. He’s made all NBA teams he’s been in significantly better, but he’s an odd fit for this squad.

That’s why most people speculated that Paul would have to come off the bench to find success in the Bay area. However, he didn’t seem so receptive at first, and it seems like they’ll wait until training camp to figure things out.

But if he plays his way into the starting lineup with Stephen Curry, that means someone else has got to go. According to James Salmon of ClutchPoints, that guy might as well be veteran big man Kevon Looney.

Chris Paul Could Force Kevon Looney To The Bench

The most traditional of point guards replacing the Warriors center is, on face value, a strange move, but it’s the most likely one that Steve Kerr will opt for. As mentioned, he’s certainly not sending Curry or Thompson to the bench, and Wiggins has become a really valuable member of their starting lineup too. That leaves Green and Kevon Looney, and Green’s certainly not going anywhere either,” wrote Salmon.

Looney has been a major factor in the team’s recent success, and he’d still continue to have a prominent role off the bench, assuming Steve Kerr actually pulls this off.

Needless to say, that’s going to hurt the Warriors’ size significantly, but it might be the only way they’re able to have Chris Paul and Stephen Curry in the starting lineup.