Kevin Durant wants out of Brooklyn and the Nets are more than willing to trade the 33-year-old, but not for a bargain and by no means are they in a rush. Durant, who came to the Nets with high expectations, has only played two seasons for the team, with impressive numbers, but also with a lot of drama.

Durant was hoping to win a title with the Nets, but after losing James Harden and other issues on the team it looks like his time with the club is all but done. Recent reports have indicated that Durant would only stay if Steve Nash and Sean Marks were fired from the team, something that looks doubtful.

Now according to Brian Windhorst, who was on Get Up on Monday morning, the Nets know what Durant wants but it’s the rest of the NBA that will need to give the Nets what they want if Durant is to leave the team.

Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant trade talks

“Ten days ago, Kevin Durant and Joe Tsai met in London. Durant really tried to apply the pressure by asking for Steve Nash and Sean Marks to get fired. And guess what has happened? Nothing. Nothing has happened. The dynamic around Kevin Durant hasn’t changed at all. There hasn’t been an urgency in trade talks. There hasn’t been a change in strategy by the Brooklyn Nets”, Windhorst stated.

Windhorst went on to say, “I think what we have here is really a study of leverage. First off, the Nets do not have leverage in trade talks with other teams. They are not giving them the offers that they want. They see no reason to increase them. And so, they’re not making any progress there. And Kevin Durant clearly does not have leverage with the Brooklyn Nets. He is asking for things: ‘Get me traded. Fire the coach. Fire the GM.’ He is being told no. So, when you have denied leverage, you have a stalemate.”