Recording a quadruple-double is probably one of the most impressive achievements for a player in an NBA game. Surpassing the ten-point barrier in three different categories is already a huge accomplishment, and doing it in four is even more mind-blowing.

When a basketballer ends a game with a quadruple-double by getting ten or more points, rebounds, steals, blocks, or assists, that goes to the books immediately alongside every other superstar who did it before. 

However, a player may score a "quadruple-double" but in a worse, sarcastic way of calling it. It happened many times, even to the greatest of this sport, that one of the categories in which they finished with 10+ was in turnovers. 

The NBA players with "quadruple-doubles" with turnovers

Sometimes a player may record a quadruple-double but in an unfortunate way by having ten or more turnovers, which in fact wouldn't count as a quadruple-double. Many players had more than ten turnovers in a single game.

Jason Kidd (Getty).

Hall of Famer Jason Kidd had the highest turnovers - 14 - while he reached the 10+ mark in three other categories in Phoenix Suns' loss against New York Knicks in November 2000. That remains the highest amount of turnovers in a single game in NBA history, and it happened to a player that finished with a triple-double simultaneously.

However, Kidd wasn't the only one who suffered this. There were more in the history of the league, and from the current basketballers, Russell Westbrook and James Harden lead the ranking of "quadruple-doubles" with turnovers.