Lamar Jackson is having a really hard time with the Baltimore Ravens. After the AFC North team decided to put the non-exclusive franchise tag on him, now they want to reconcile with the quarterback by giving him a new wide receiver for the 2023 NFL season.

A non-exclusive franchise tag is definitely not what Jackson expected this year. The quarterback was looking for a long-term deal with the Ravens, but they decided not to extend his contract as his requests were too high for the front office.

With this move, Jackson is set to bthe 2023 season with Baltimore, unless he finds a team willing to pay two-first round picks for him. If that doesn't happen, the Ravens are ready to make him feel comfortable by giving him a new target on the field.

Ravens target a top wide receiver to reconcile with Lamar Jackson

It seems like Lamar Jackson is going to play the 2023 season as a Raven. He's having problems to find a team willing to pay two-first round picks for him, so it is likely that he stays at least one more year at Baltimore.

For this reason, the team's front office wants to make the quarterback feel comfortable by giving him new weapons. Now, they have reached out a recent Super Bowl champion to become Lamar's favorite target.

Josina Anderson of CBS Sports reported that the Baltimore Ravens will talk with Odell Beckham Jr. in Phoenix at the NFL Owners Meetings to see if they can sign him.

Of course this is only an approach and it doesn't mean they will sign him for sure. Odell has other options on the table, the Jets included, so he will have to choose the best team for his interests to play the 2023 season.