There's no doubt that even great players have someone to admire and Patrick Mahomes is not the exception. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has now revealed who was his favorite quarterback when he was a child, and surprisingly it was not Tom Brady.

When Tom Brady started his professional career, Patrick Mahomes was 5-years-old. For an entire generation, the seven-time Super Bowl winner was a big star to follow, but not for the Chiefs player.

As of today, Mahomes is probably the best quarterback in the NFL and his future is bright. Surprisingly, he didn't have Brady as his main role model during his early years and has selected another future Hall of Famer as his favorite.

Patrick Mahomes reveals who was his favorite childhood quarterback

Mahomes is definitely seen as the future of the NFL. The 27-year-old quarterback has already won two Super Bowls (selected as MVP both times) and fans think he won't stop there.

Every player in any sports had a childhood idol to follow. For this generation of quarterbacks like Josh Allen, Joe Burrow or Trevor Lawrence, Tom Brady could be that figure, but not for Patrick Mahomes.

When asked by ESPN who his favorite quarterback was as a child, Patrick Mahomes replied, 'Aaron Rodgers.' However, Mahomes can now say that he has surpassed his childhood idol, as the Chiefs quarterback has won more Super Bowls than the 39-year-old player.

After his Super Bowl LVII victory against the Eagles, Mahomes has been compared to Brady by some fans. The Chiefs quarterback still has to win five more rings to tie the legend, but some may think he will even earn more Vince Lombardi trophies than the 45-year-old.