The 27-17 defeat at the Bills on Sunday night extended the Packers losing streak to four games, something Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay hadn't gone through since 2016. Now, Matt LaFleur's men are 3-5 after eight weeks.

The Packers clearly have plenty of work to do if they want to challenge the division to the Minnesota Vikings (6-1), though that seems to be a very unlikely goal at this point. Either way, they do need to get back to winning ways.

Green Bay could end its losing streak this week against the 1-6 Detroit Lions, but how do they bounce back after so many consecutive defeats? According to Rodgers, the only way out is to stick together.

Aaron Rodgers says Packers need to stick together to bounce back

"There's no any moral victories, I never really believed in that. I think there's things you can take from certain games and might give you confidence moving forward, but we've never been a moral victory team in Green Bay. We're about wins. And when you're not having wins and you're slumping, I think the most important thing is to see how you deal with adversity and if we're going to stick together," Rodgers said on the Pat McAfee Show.

"I haven't really seen any negative clips, nobody was throwing shade on anybody else or passing the blame, which is important. Everything is in front of us, there's a lot of teams in that 4-4, 3-5 range, we still have nine games left, there's a lot to play for. There's an important stretch for us coming up, we have division opponents and two games in a week. ... I think in general we all just got to play a bit better, that's the most important thing. We still haven't played a complete game, we're still looking for that after eight weeks, it's disappointing but that's the way it goes."

Rodgers also pointed out that the energy ahead of the Bills game was the best he felt this year, and though that didn't translate into a victory, it's an encouraging sign going forward. The Packers still have nine games left and will need that connection to start picking up victories.

Next time there will be no takeaways if they don't emerge victorious. Rodgers has only had two losing seasons in Green Bay, but unless his teams beats the Lions on Sunday, he could be about to have a third one.