Russell Wilson’s name has been circling the NFL as we enter a very entertaining offseason. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback could be on the move shortly, although the team has made it clear they’re not interested in parting ways with the player. 

That doesn’t stop rumors about what team will pursue the 8-time Pro-Bowler and given that more and more franchises show interest in the player, we get to learn more details about what could lead the Hawks to let their franchise player go. 

This is a man in-demand and several franchises will try to snatch him in the upcoming months but that won’t come easy knowing that the Seahawks expect a lot in return to let Wilson walk and find a new challenge in the league. 

NFL analyst reveals Seahawks’ asking price for Russell Wilson 

NFL Network reporter Mike Silver has revealed what a Russell Westbrook trade would look like for the Seahawks if one team wants to land the 2014 NFL champion. Wilson has grown unhappy with his team, according to recent reports and a split could be closer than we think between these two. 

“What’s a realistic price if the Seahawks were to trade Russell Wilson? I think it starts with something like three first-round draft picks, that’s kind of the message other teams believe would convey but I still think there is a lot of time to get through this rough patch. He’s under contract for three more years; he’s obviously done incredible things in that city and for that franchise and I think the Seahawks certainly know what they have,” Silver said. 

The Seahawks have stated they’re not planning to break up with Russ but the rest of the franchises are calling to see how they can land this talented quarterback. We still have a couple of months before the NFL returns and see if Wilson stayed or leave Seattle.