The 2021 season didn't end as expected for the Green Bay Packers, who fell short in their quest for the Super Bowl after making their way to the postseason as heavy favorites for the Vince Lombardi

Some drama-filled weeks have followed their elimination at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers as Aaron Rodgers' future looked up in the air - again. However, the veteran quarterback eventually decided to give it another shot and came back with a historic deal.

With the four-time NFL MVP tied down to a three-year contract, the future of Jordan Love has raised some questions. For how long he'll continue at the Packers? Is he going to replace Rodgers at some point? Here's what Packers president Mark Murphy had to say.

Mark Murphy makes revealing comments about Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love

"We think he can be a good player, but we haven't seen enough. So I think this preseason will be good for him," Murphy said when asked about Jordan Love, as quoted by Tom Grossi, who later asked Murphy if the Packers would keep Love in case Rodgers decides to call it a career at some point.

"Aaron is still playing at a high level and he said he wants to keep playing, but I think it's probably a year by year thing now," Murphy said. His contract suggests otherwise, but of course he can change his mind at some point.

Matt LaFleur believes Aaron Rodgers can play for as long as he wants

“I think he’ll go as long as he wants to go,” Packers coach Matt LaFleur told Sports Illustrated. “I think he’s got not only the talent and the mind, but the way he takes care of himself is as good as I’ve seen. He’s super-disciplined in terms of everything does from what he puts into his body to how he prepares physically and mentally. Those aren’t conversations that we have regularly, so we’re just going to take advantage of the time that he is with us and continue to try to work and grind and hopefully someday be able to get a Super Bowl.

At 38, Rodgers is still chasing another Super Bowl ring before he decides to hung them up. The second championship has been quite elusive for the quarterback, whose three-year deal with Packers might be the last in his career. Only time will tell if he'll achieve that goal before 2025.