Los Angeles Lakers player LeBron James always finds a way to shine, no matter the ground. The NBA star got a Super Bowl commercial and he quickly became an online sensation, with people commenting on his latest endeavor. 

James, who also was in SoFi Stadium for Super Bowl 56 between the Rams and Bengals, also played a role during the breaks. Just right after the halftime show, James was the protagonist of a Crypto.com Super Bowl commercial. 

The video features James talking to his younger self about the future. The move is not entirely surprising as Crypto.com is the newest sponsor of the Lakers home arena. Here, check out what people are saying about this cool ad. 

LeBron James Super Bowl ad goes viral: Funniest memes and reactions 

In the commercial, James talks with his younger self who asks about what technology will be available in the future: digital music, electric cars and everything in between. However, the most emotional part is when his younger self asks him if he's ready for the league. “You have to call your own shots,” is the answer.