NFL fans were part of a poll where they named their most-liked players for the 2022 season, among those players are nine quarterbacks that include veterans Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.

The most-liked players are usually part of the top favorite teams to win the Super Bowl or at least make it to the playoffs. Among the players is another quarterback, Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills, who this year is one of the favorites to play in the playoffs.

Apart from the quarterbacks, other players were selected by the fans as most-like, wide receivers, offensive linemen and running backs like Derrick Henry of the Titans.

The most-liked quarterbacks in 2022

Even though some quarterbacks are disappointing during the regular season, fans still support their career no matter what. One of them is Kirk Cousins who has never won a Super Bowl but is one of the most-liked in the top 10.

  1. Patrick Mahomes
  2. Russell Wilson
  3. Tom Brady
  4. Matthew Stafford
  5. Matt Ryan
  6. Kirk Cousins
  7. Aaron Rodgers
  8. Joe Burrow
  9. Jimmy Garappolo

Stafford appears on the list perhaps because he is a Super Bowl champion with the Los Angeles Rams, but if he were playing for the Lions he probably wouldn't appear in the list. Another controversial name is Matt Ryan, despite his departure from Atlanta. He is one of the most-liked quarterbacks.

The only rookie on the list is Joe Burrow, he boosted his fans love after playing against the Los Angeles Rams during last season's Super Bowl. Only one player on the list hasn't played in a Super Bowl, Kirk Cousins.

source: Morning Consult