Since the Final Draw was held in Doha in early April, soccer fans have had complete clarity about what awaited them in Qatar 2022. Whether their National Teams were involved or not, the route to follow in order not to miss any match that caught their attention was completely defined. And FIFA has already made it known which matches are the most coveted by fans; the list will surprise you.

To the good fortune of the spectacle, many of today's best national teams will be present at the upcoming FIFA World Cup. With the exception of tragedies such as that of Italy, a historic participant in this tournament, there are few other absences to lament. Without a doubt, this 22nd edition of the tournament is expected to dazzle with quality matches.

Thus, on the horizon of soccer lovers it is key to block in their agenda as many days as possible from November 20 to December 18; an atypical date to enjoy a World Cup but that will not be an impediment to be punctual to the appointment of their passion. Below are the Qatar 2022 matches that have generated the most ticket requests in FIFA's official ticket sales phases.

Logic loses out to passion at Qatar 2022

The top 3 of the FIFA Ranking is made up of teams with unquestionable power: Brazil, Belgium and France, the latter being the reigning world champions after winning the tournament for the second time in its history at Russia 2018. On the other hand, in Qatar 2022, the aforementioned powers will be joined by Spain and Germany, both world champions, who will also be in Group E.

However, none of these teams appear on FIFA's list of the matches that fans most want to see live at the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Spain vs. Germany, Belgium vs. Croatia, Brazil vs. Switzerland or France vs. Denmark can wait: these are the duels that raise sighs in the run-up to Qatar 2022.

Countries with the most requested tickets for Qatar 2022 

The first World Cup to be held in the Middle East will not lack passion and interest from the local population. Although the region is not traditionally devoted to soccer, FIFA revealed that one of the countries with the highest demand for tickets is precisely the host country. It would be a grave mistake to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy such a tournament when it is held at home.

Then, the list of countries with the most enthusiasm, and purchasing power, to go for tickets with a vengeance does not include precisely those that have their National Teams at the top of the FIFA Ranking. The biggest ticket buyers are fans from Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.

Matches with the highest demand for tickets in Qatar 2022

It is a fact, almost a truism, that the countries that appear as the most enthusiastic when buying tickets for Qatar 2022 also appear not once but several times in the list of the most in-demand matches in the official FIFA sales. Thus, there are 4 matches that arouse more excitement to be seen by the fans. Spoiler alert: Lionel Messi is still the king.

Argentina vs Mexico

It will be a real hobby war. Both countries are among the biggest buyers of Qatar 2022 tickets and, in addition, there is a strong rivalry, which has been fueled by the Albiceleste's unwavering dominance over El Tri, especially when it comes to World Cup matches. Out of 3 meetings in this tournament, the South American team has won all of them. Will there be a surprise?

England vs USMNT

A clash with unparalleled cultural nuances. The overseas territory that emancipated itself from the opotence in the 16th century but cannot deny the inheritance left by its former owner. Undoubtedly a match in which English chants and American passion will spice up what happens on the field of the Al Bayt Stadium. A historical fact: England has never been able to beat the United States in World Cups.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia

Once again the Albiceleste. An unprecedented encounter in the history of the FIFA World Cup with which the two-time champions begin their journey to Qatar 2022. On the other side, a team that wants to stop being named as a mere participant in this tournament, but that has three obstacles in front of them that look complicated to overcome.

Poland vs Argentina

Two matches in the history of the World Cup have been played between Argentina and Poland. Both in a short period of time, as they met in both Germany 1974 and Argentina 1978. The result favored each once, so now it is up to Lionel Messi or Robert Lewandowski to try to tip the balance definitively in favor of their respective National Teams.