Nearly two months later, Chile will step into the field aiming to get back on track in the South American World Cup Qualifiers for Qatar 2022. Although they're excited and confident of getting results, they'll have to face three difficult matches without Alexis Sanchez.

With the Inter Milan forward out, La Roja coach Martin Lasarte has considered other options for the attack, sending an invitation to Inter Miami forward Robbie Robinson. Chile haven't begun their road to the World Cup on the right foot and need to find consistency.

But the outlook isn't encouraging for this triple-fixture. Not only they'll face three mighty rivals such as Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia, but they also have to overcome Alexis' absence.

Why is Alexis Sanchez not in the Chile squad for the September fixture?

Alexis Sanchez has suffered continuous setbacks in his recovery from a muscle injury suffered in June, which ruled him out of the 2021 Copa America group stage. Inter expected to have him back for the 2021-2022 Serie A opening fixture, but he didn't make it.

Now, he is still struggling to be back on the field and looks forward to returning to the national team for the October triple-fixture. According to Chilean newspaper La Tercera, Alexis has even traveled to Barcelona to work on his recovery.

The winger aims to be back as soon as possible, and hopefully on time for the next international break. Next month, Chile will host Peru before facing Paraguay and Venezuela on the road.

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