German reigning champions Bayern and Borussia Dortmund played to a 2-2 Der Klassiker derby draw on Saturday, with Canadian sensation Alphonso Davies leaving with a "cranial bruise" after receiving a boot to the face. The Bavarian club has claimed that medical tests confirmed the bruising.

While competing with Dortmund's Jude Bellingham for possession of the ball just before the half-time whistle, Davies was injured. While protecting the ball with his body, the English midfielder attempted to knock it away from the Bayern full-back by kicking it into the air with his right foot.

Davies dove for the ball first, and Bellingham's foot met his face instead of the ball. Later, the Canadian star collapsed on the floor, covering his face with his hands. On the cusp of half-time, he got medical attention and was taken off the field looking shaky.

How serious is Davies' injury and will he come back in time for the World Cup?

Canada's national team has benefited greatly from Alphonso Davies' rise to prominence as a regular starter for Bayern in Germany's top league. With his ability to switch between full-back and forward on the flank, he has become not only a constant threat for both teams but also a valuable asset due to his adaptability.

His participation for the Canucks in Qatar 2022is important if Les Rouges are to do well. However, John Herdman will be worried about the 21-year-old's fitness with next month's World Cup on the horizon.

Bayern did not provide an update on his recovery time, stating simply that the Canadian "is feeling fine in the circumstances" despite missing Sunday's training due to his injury. In the absence of a possible concussion, Davies should be ok to return to action in a couple of weeks.

His comeback, though, would be more dubious if he had sustained a concussion. In spite of everything, nothing in the Bavarians' injury report suggested anything more severe.