Jesse Marsch thought things would be vastly different this season after a 3-0 win against Chelsea back at the start of the season. A poor run of form, 2 points out of 15, have Leeds United back in the relegation fight.

Against Arsenal it was more of the same, Leeds looked lively, fighting for every ball, having various chances to score… Leeds lost. Marsch, who has never been one to back down from a fight, continues to look on the positives, but an unforgiving Premier League may not be able to sustain the poor run for much longer.

Despite having a penalty kick called back against Arsenal due to VAR, the performance by Leeds was missing one key element, someone to finish off their chances, an Achilles heel for Leeds so far this season.

Jesse Marsch continues to believe in his group

On Twitter Jesse Marsch continues to stand by his players, “It’s difficult to be patient as a manager, I want to win every game. I ask the lads to invest everything they have into our process & each other. My experience is that they will benefit massively from this mentality. We’re getting better, no doubt, & I back these men all the way!"


Marsch has been a break from the tradition of Premier League managers who seem to have a set of answers for every question, open and honest, Marsch has been a breath of fresh air to the bore of the typical answer for every question.

While pundits have praised Marsch’s demeanor, his team has tanked, and while not terrible, not getting valuable points could doom Leeds down the stretch. Last season Leeds barely survived relegation and this season, despite a promising start, things are back to usual for Leeds, fight for survival, one year removed the dream that Bielsa could take the club back to Europe.