The American U20 team will look to reach the semifinals of the Concacaf U20 Championship when they play Costa Rica U20. Here you will find all the information you need to know about this game, including how to watch it on TV or live in your country. You can tune in to this game in the United States via FuboTV.

The American U20 team is, together with Mexico U20, one of the great favorites to win this Concacaf U20 Championship. The results obtained to this moment have undoubtedly shown the reason: except for the game against Canada U20 that ended 2-2, all the rest were victories by a wide difference and without a doubt the goal of this team is the championship.

Costa Rica U20 has also had a good performance, although of course not as effective as their rivals in these quarterfinals. They are aware that against the United States they are the underdogs, but even so, they trust that they will be able to present them with a complicated game that will allow them to cause a surprise and be able to advance to the semifinals.

USMNT U20 vs Costa Rica U20: Kick-Off Time 

USMNT U20 and Costa Rica U20 will face each other for this 2022 Concacaf U20 Championship today, June 28 at the Francisco Morazan Stadium in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Australia: 9 AM (29 June)
Bahamas: 7 PM
Bangladesh: 5 AM (29 June)
Barbados: 7 PM
Belize: 5 PM
Botswana: 1 AM (29 June)
Brazil: 8 PM
Brunei: 7 AM (29 June)
Burundi: 1 AM (29 June)
Cameroon: 12 AM (29 June)
Canada: 7 PM
Eswatini: 1 AM (29 June)
Ethiopia: 2 AM (29 June)
Fiji: 11 AM (29 June)
France: 1 AM (29 June)
Gambia: 11 PM
Germany: 1 AM (29 June)
Ghana: 11 PM
Guyana: 7 PM
India: 4:30 AM (29 June)
Ireland: 12 AM (29 June)
Italy: 1 AM (29 June)
Jamaica: 6 PM
Kenya: 2 AM (29 June)
Lesotho: 1 AM (29 June)
Liberia: 11 PM
Malawi: 1 AM (29 June)
Malaysia: 7 AM (29 June)
Malta: 1 AM (29 June)
Mauritius: 1 AM (29 June)
Mexico: 6 PM
Namibia: 1 AM (29 June)
Netherlands: 1 Am (29 June)
New Zealand: 11 AM (29 June)
Nigeria: 12 AM (29 June)
Pakistan: 4 AM (29 June)
Papua New Guinea: 9 AM (29 June)
Philippines: 7 AM (29 June)
Portugal: 12 AM (29 June)
Rwanda: 1 AM (29 June)
Sierra Leone: 11 PM
Singapore: 7 AM (29 June)
Solomon Islands: 10 AM (29 June)
South Africa: 1 AM (29 June)
South Sudan: 1 AM (29 June)
Spain: 1 AM (29 June)
Sri Lanka: 4:30 AM (29 June)
Sudan: 1 AM (29 June)
Tanzania: 2 AM (29 June)
Trinidad and Tobago: 8 PM
Uganda: 2 AM (29 June)
UK: 12 AM (29 June)
United States: 8 PM (ET)
Zambia: 12 AM (29 June)
Zimbabwe: 12 AM (29 June)

USMNT U20 vs Costa Rica U20: TV Channel and Live Streaming

Aruba: ESPNPlay Caribbean
Barbados: ESPNPlay Caribbean
Belize: ESPN Norte
Costa Rica: TUDN, Star+, ESPN Norte
Ecuador: Star+
El Salvador: Star+, TUDN, ESPN Norte
Granada: ESPNPlay Caribbean
Guadalupe: ESPNPlay Caribbean
Guatemala: TUDN, ESPN Norte, Star+
Honduras: TUDN, ESPN Norte, Star+
Internacional: YouTube
Jamaica: ESPNPlay Caribbean
Mexico: TUDN
Puerto Rico: ESPNPlay Caribbean
Saint Kitts y Nevis: ESPNPlay Caribbean
Trinidad y Tobago: ESPNPlay Caribbean
U.S. Virgin Islands: ESPNPlay Caribbean
United States: Fox Sports 2,, TUDN App, FOX Sports App,, TUDN USA

How to watch USMNT U20 vs Costa Rica U20 anywhere

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