As the Qatar 2022 World Cup is getting closer and closer, one of the must-watch teams are Mexico. And, their coach Gerardo Martino knows it. That's why, as he stated, he wants their best strikers ready for the upcoming tournament. However, Chicharito Hernandez is not beign comtemplated for neither the friendly games nor the world tournament. 

This situation has taken a toll on Martino, as Hernandez is one of the top scorers in the current Major League Soccer season with 15 goals scored for Los Angeles Galaxy. And, "El Tricolor" are missing a key player in the center forward position that secures goals for Mexico.  

And, as the World Cup is getting closer, both the fans and the media don't know how Martino is going to pull off a striker that can play against, both Poland's and Argentina's defensive lines in the tournament. That's one of the main reasons, everyone is asking for Chicharito Hernandez.

Will Javer 'Chicharito' Hernandez ever be called back to play for Mexico?

In the press conference held by the Mexico national team's manager Gerardo Martino stated the current roster will have only three strikers, but the Los Angeles Galaxy goalscorer won't be part of it. "In the case of Javier Hernandez I have simply defined myself by other center forwards.", the former Barcelona's coach revealed in Los Angeles. 

This question has came up a lot in the press conference as their current center forwards are in bad shape, and the Mexico national team is a goal crisis, where "El Tricolor" haven't scored goals as expected from the fans. Also, Martino's first-choice for that position including Rogelio Funes Mori, and Raul Jimenez are injured, and haven't played a single minute so far in the current season. 

Even so, Chicharito haven't been called up in three years so far. His last game with the Mexico national team was against Paraguay national team, where he even scored his last goal. He is the current All-Time leading scorer for the Mexico National team with 52 goals scored.