New York will miss Roger Federer at the US Open 2021. The Swiss star has won five of his 20 Grand Slams in Flushing Meadows, where he became the first (and only) player to win five consecutive titles (2004-08). However, Federer won’t be playing at the Arshur Ashe Stadium this year, after also missing the 2020 edition. 

Federer, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, had an atypical year in the ATP Tour. The Maestro lost almost the entire season in 2020 due to problems with his knee. However, he came back this year for the clay season and played important tournaments like Roland Garros. 

However, after Wimbledon, Federer withdrew from the Olympic Games and hasn't played since he lost to Hubert Hurkacz in the quarterfinals in London. Like Rafael Nadal, the Swiss will miss what’s left of the 2021. Here check out why he took this decision. 

Why won’t Roger Federer compete in the US Open 2021? 

Federer explained on an Instagram video posted on August 15, that he was going to undergo a third knee surgery, after the two he had last year, because he experienced a setback in Wimbledon. He explained that he will have to use clutches for several months so he won’t be competing for the rest of the year. 

“I’ve been doing a lot of checks with the doctors as well on my knee, getting all the information as I hurt myself further during the grass-court season and Wimbledon,” Federer said in a video. “They told me for the medium to long term to feel better, I will need surgery. I decided to do it."

Federer is conscious about how difficult his situation is now in order to keep playing. “I know it’s the right thing to do because I want to be healthy (...) and I want to give myself a glimmer of hope to return to the tour in some shape or form,” he said. “I will go through the rehab process I think also with a goal while I’m still active, which I think is going to help me during this long period of time,” he concluded. It certainly will be sad not seeing him in New York this year.