Throughout history, there's been a never-ending back-and-forth regarding who's the greatest player in NBA history. For some, Michael Jordan is the obvious answer, while others lean towards Kobe Bryant, Bill Russell, or others.

Over the past couple of decades, LeBron James has gained a lot of ground in that competition. Younger fans believe that The King is the greatest to ever do it, even despite his losing record in the NBA Finals.

That's why the guys on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000 wanted to know Scottie Pippen's opinion on this subject, as he had said that LeBron James would have a better carer than his former Chicago Bulls teammate.

Scottie Pippen Explains Why He Won't Pick LeBron James Over Michael Jordan

Pippen cleared the air and explained that he doesn't think that LeBron is a better player than Jordan was, stating that his numbers will only be better because he'll be in the league for longer:

"I never said that LeBron was the greatest. That was never said. I said by the end of his career, his numbers will be better. And I still stand by that. I think LeBron's numbers are crazy only because he's going to get in more years than Michael Jordan," Pippen said.

"Michael probably really only played 11 years in this league, and when you look at a kid like LeBron, who started at 18, 19 years old, he's probably going to pass Michael by his numbers in his first 10, 11 years in the league," he added.

Then, Pippen seemed to get angry when they asked him whether he'd choose LeBron James over Michael Jordan as his swingman or party buddy, claiming that he doesn't even know James like that:

"That's a dumb f*cking question. I've never done anything with LeBron. I wouldn't take LeBron to the movies with me," Pippen concluded.

Well, there it is. Unsurprisingly, Pippen will still stand by his former teammate, the guy whom he won 6 NBA Championships. As for LeBron, it seems like he's not inviting Scottie to Space Jam: A New Legacy's Premier.