Betting on Soccer in the United States can be new to many American Sports bettors, but while you may not be familiar with the rules of the sport, they are very simple to learn. Soccer is the most bet on sport in the world since it is played in almost every country, each country has bookmakers and almost every league can be betted on. Throw in high-level international competitions like the UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores and you have a variety of leagues and competitions to choose from.

There are many ways to bet on a game in soccer, including three-way moneylines or betting goal lines. Like in our NFL Guideline we will cover the basics for soccer betting. Since the sport is new to many it is important to become familiar with how good teams are and place close attention to which leagues you bet on. Safe leagues like MLS, EPL, Spanish La Liga are better places to become familiar with the type of betting in soccer. BetMGM has a long list of leagues to bet on and a welcome promo that's right for you! 

Once you have done your research, then you can choose the proper betting option for your wager. Soccer is very much like NFL betting in that it has spreads, over/under bets, and futures. There are also some wacky bets that you can find like “if the captain will score a goal” or in some countries where trouble in the stands is known to happen if the game will be suspended before, during, or in a certain minute. Let’s examine all types of soccer betting.

Soccer Spreads Goal Line bet

Spreads are not available for all matches, in soccer, the point spread is a lot smaller than in the NBA or NFL. You may see a spread saying Atlanta United +2.5, or Sporting KC -2.5. Since soccer is a low scoring game you won’t find high spreads. To review, goal lines or spread betting means that if you bet on Sporting KC -2.5, then they must win by three or more goals to win your bet. If you bet on Atlanta United +2.5, that means they can win, draw, or lose by one or two goals. Basically the Over/Under bet in the NFL that we are used to.

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Soccer Betting the Three-Way Moneyline

Three-way Moneyline bets in Soccer means that there are only three outcomes possible for a game. This is the simplest bet possible. 

Team 1 wins
Team 2 wins
Draw between both teams 

In this case, if you bet on, let’s say Manchester United vs Real Madrid the result of this bet is based on what happens in the 90 minutes of this game.

If it is the final of MLS Cup, for example, between the Seattle Sounders and New York City FC, and the Sounders win in extra time the result of the bet is that the game in 90 regulation minutes is a draw and you cash in if you picked draw. If the Sounders win in extra time that does not matter as the end result in regulation is a draw. 

Soccer Betting Two- Way Moneyline

The two-way moneyline bet in Soccer means that there is a chance for two outcomes for your bet. Basically, it means you are picking a team to either win/draw or that one of the two teams will win.

Team 1 wins or draws
Team 2 wins or draws
Team 1 wins or Team 2 wins


United States/Draw -215
Mexico/Draw -165
United States/Mexico -200

For each bet, you are essentially just eliminating one of the results. Draw No Bet is a wager that eliminates the prospect of the draw completely, so the only two potential results are:

Team A wins
Team B wins

Since the draw is taken out, these odds are usually inflated on the favorite.

For example:
Mexico -200
United States +150

If the game ends in a draw in regulation, then all bets are refunded since there was no clear winner.

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Soccer Betting Totals

In Soccer totals, they are not like the totals of other sports. Since Soccer is generally a low scoring sport you may find totals in the range of 2.25, 2.5, or 2.75. 

For example, if you bet Over 2.25 goals, one part of your get is placed on “Over 2” and the other is “over 2.5”. If the game ends 1-1, then you lose your bet on “over 2.5” and get a refund on your bet of over 2 since you made that total. If the game ends with three or more goals, then you win both your bets. 

Soccer Betting Futures

Much like the NFL or NBA future bets on Soccer are almost the same, some bookmakers and sites will have bets, if for example, Messi will score his 800th career goal in the game that will be played that day. Or if D.C. United will win MLS Cup at the end of the season. 

Soccer Live Betting 

Soccer, like the rest of the sports, also have Live Betting, in which you can bet on over/unders on a given scoreline before half-time, or other varieties of the game. You might even see bets made on how many substitutions there will be in a given game. There are many variables in a live betting scenario. 

It is important to start slow and get familiar with the type of soccer betting options available. We hope this guideline was helpful in informing you about the basics of betting on Soccer games.

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