2020/2021 NBA Champions

Los Angeles Lakers +270
Brooklyn Nets +300
Los Angeles Clippers +550
Milwaukee Bucks +700
Utah Jazz +950

The NBA season always provides a bettor with the opportunity to bet on futures as the season progresses. From sure things to longshots have a way of changing as teams play games and players go down with injuries.

The key to futures betting is to make sure that your picks are in the realm of possibility. Picking a long shot like the New York Knicks, who are under .500 and have been way too inconsistent won’t work. The last 5 NBA champions have been a dominating team, so a pick like the Brooklyn Nets would make more sense. 

This season the teams to watch in regards to futures betting are the defending champions Los Angeles Lakers, the surprising Brooklyn Nets, and Los Angeles Clippers. Let’s take a look at the top choices and their chances to win the NBA title!

Los Angeles Lakers Future’s Betting

Anthony Davis (Getty)

The champions are having a typical dominating season, yes, they are in third at the moment, but when the team gets hot again it is foreseeable that they will finish first or second and will most likely go deep in the playoffs. At +270 to win it all, the Lakers are the safest futures bet.

Brooklyn Nets Future’s Betting

James Harden (Getty)

James Harden may be the missing piece that puts the Nets over. The Nets sit second in the East but look like they could be a big win playoff team come the postseason. With an all-star lineup in Harden, Durant, Irving, and Jordan, the Nets could be the big team in the East and a potential NBA champion.

Los Angeles Clippers Future’s Betting

Kawhi Leonard (Getty)

For far too long the Clippers have been second fiddle to the powerhouse Lakers. at +550 the Clippers are a reasonable future’s pick. Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Serge Ibaka are all having great campaigns, and this could finally be the Clippers year. This is a team looking to make a statement.

Milwaukee Bucks Future’s Betting

Giannis Antetokounmpo (Getty)

To a lesser extent the Bucks could be a risky future’s pick, they are not having a stellar campaign, the Bucks are a high scoring team, but they leak a lot of points as well. If the team can adjust their defense, they could be extremely dangerous come the playoffs. The Bucks will not want to get into a shooting contest with other tougher opposition. At +700 you are betting on the team's fire power.

Utah Jazz Future’s Betting

Donovan Mitchell (Getty)

Even we are shocked to see the Utah Jazz as a number five pick, and at +950, they could be a smart risky pick. The Jazz are firm in first place in the West, they have only lost single digit games all year, and have one of the best away records in the NBA. The Jazz have been putting up 100-point games all season, and could be dark horse to finally get the best of everyone in the NBA.

It’s always a challenge to play fortune teller, the key here is to observe the team’s form throughout the year and what injuries they might pick up along the way. Clearly these five teams are the best of the NBA and anyone of them have a great shot at winning the championship. Don’t miss out on your chance to follow all the NBA news right here at Bolavip!